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Summer Seems So Far Away: Dreaming of Wild Swimming

The holiday fun is over (for now) and we’ve entered into the longest and most depressing part of winter. Are you already fed-up with spending endless hours stuck behind a desk? Tired of staring at a screen? So, what to do? We have a tempting idea . . .

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What’s Yours for the Taking?

So, the question is: what are you taking in your life — crumbs or Love Force? What do you or don’t you believe is yours for the taking: a relationship, a new job, a new house, a new life – something you’d really LOVE to have.

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How Big Is Your Pot?

Last year was super busy. We moved house, had two weddings, a honeymoon and a 50th birthday party. As a result a lot of little jobs went unfinished. One of those jobs was planting three trays of small plants that I’d bought in April. They spent 10 months patiently waiting to be planted. Sitting happy in their seedling trays. They flowered, they grew some, and miraculously none of them died!

Last week I was finally inspired, and found the time to plant these little beauties.

And what did I find . . .

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New Years Goals or Bliss List, You Decide?

Faced with another 12 months to fill many of us are wondering what should be our focus for 2012?

Setting goals often creates more suffering. We beat ourselves up when we don’t achieve them. We get anxious, obsessed, overburdened and overwhelmed at the idea of making them happen, and, when we are dead set, 100% focused on getting what we want we often miss the very thing that is going to bring us real happiness.

Try setting a Bliss List instead . . .

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Author, Judy Prescott, on her new book: Searching for Cecy: Reflections on Alzheimer’s

Judy Prescott is the author of our latest book Searching for Cecy: Reflections on Alzheimer’s which comes out on the 25th November, 2011. We asked her a few questions about the journey she’s been on, both as a poetry writer and the daughter of a mother with Alzheimer’s. Here’s what she had to say:

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