Yup, we love ’em!

Our catalog is still in its infancy with just two titles. But we have big plans! And we will be bringing a series of exciting new books to market during 2012. Our current titles are available in multiple formats, just click the links below to learn more and sign up to our newsletter for updates on forthcoming books, author events and more.

Searching for Cecy: Reflections on Alzheimer's, Judy Prescott

Searching for Cecy: Reflections on Alzheimer’s, by Judy Prescott: Poetry





Your Legacy of Love Realize the Gift in Goodbye, by Gemini Adams

Your Legacy of Love: Realize the Gift in Goodbye, by Gemini Adams: Self-Help

Where can you get them?

Our books are available in all English speaking countries: Canada, Australia, England and the U.S.A via high street and Indie bookstores as well as all online retailers. Each title is available in electronic form via the iBookstore, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook Store and through Overdrive for library loans. Some books are also available in foreign languages. If you are interested in trade sales or discount programs, please see click here.

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