Who are they?

The are every day people, just like you and me. They are also experts. But they haven’t gained their knowledge through academia, they’ve learned the hard way: through life’s school of hard knocks. Typically they’ve gained knowledge in a specific field having been through adverse experiences that have tested their will, challenged their beliefs, opened their hearts and bought forth a new wisdom that must now be shared.

If there is one thing that defines our authors best, it’s that they care.  They care about their readers, the planet, other people, the environment, about creating a world that we can be proud of, one where our resources are fairly shared, where people are encouraged to self-realize and heal the wounds of the past. Yes they want to sell books, but their motivation isn’t profit per se, they have a more meaningful desire and a more powerful intention; to make a real and lasting difference to the lives of others.

Meet them by clicking on the names below:

> Gemini Adams

> Judy Prescott

Want to write?

We have more authors in the “works” and are actively seeking new authors who like the way we do things, who don’t want to risk self-publishing, but do wish to collaborate with their publisher and who have a desire to help make a difference. If you have a completed book, a positive attitude, some marketing know-how and want to be part of a conscious community, then please get in touch.

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