Our books are available from IPG, our USA/Can distributor, at standard industry wholesale rates and can be ordered directly by calling their toll free number 0800.888.4741. Alternatively place and order directly via Baker & Taylor, or Ingram.

If you wish to order signed copies, in bulk (over 300 copies) or are interested in a co-promotional campaign or would like books to re-sell for a not-for-profit such as a prison or community center, then you can order with us directly for deeper discounting. However, please be aware that we operate a no returns policy and shipping can be arranged with our discount program.

Discount Programs

Signed copies for use, as incentives, in-store, library or book club giveaways are available upon request. We provide the standard industry discount of 40% on these, plus shipping which the buyer can also arrange. Orders can usually be fulfilled within 24 hours – 10 days depending on shipping preferences.

Bulk orders (over 300 copies) receive additional discounting. Orders over 300 copies will earn a 50% discount, 1,000 copies a 60% discount and 5,000 copies 70% discount against the RRP.

Co-promotional campaigns where you offer the book to your audience, members or organization are negotiated on an individual basis. We are interested in revenue share promotions, data collection drivers and are happy to collaborate with you if the idea is a fit! You can use our titles to drive traffic to your site and make passive revenue, call us directly on 310.453.7711 to discuss.

Not-for-profit programs are offered our extra discount rate of 60% on all orders. In addition, we offer our customers the opportunity to donate copies when they buy, and we are always looking for new charities, such as hospices, prisons, senior programs to donate these to. If you are interested, please contact us directly to discuss.


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