17% Would Read a Book According to “Taking Timeout from Technology” Study

Read a Book

Live Consciously Publishing and The Unplug Series ® today announced the results of the “Taking Timeout from Technology” 2013 a new international study that reveals what consumers would do if without their digital devices for 24 hrs.

According to the study, consumers – that is, 6,000 online adults in the U.S, Canada, U.K and Australia who are 18 and older — who struggle to take timeout from their smartphones and social media accounts, gave the following responses to the question:


 “What would you do if you could unplug from technology for 24 hours?”

•   17% would use the time to read a real book.

•   10% would use the time to clean their house.

•   20% would feel crazy, depressed or suffer withdrawal symptoms.

•   11% would spend time with their family.

•   17% would feel more at peace, relaxed and less stressed.

•   13% would get outside and spend time in nature.

“With users checking their smartphones every six and a half minutes and people spending over six billion minutes on Facebook each day, the results of this study are not surprising — we seem to live in the Too Much Information Age and consequently we all struggle to unplug from technology and our digital devices,” said Gemini Adams, founder of The Unplug Series, and author of new humor book, The Facebook Diet by Live Consciously Publishing.

“However, as an author, and publisher, the fact that 17% would use the technology timeout to read a ‘real’ book, suggests that users are consuming other forms of entertainment rather than books on their smartphones and iPad’s.”


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