How Big Is Your Pot?

Last year was super busy. We moved house, had two weddings, a honeymoon and a 50th birthday party.

As a result a lot of little jobs went unfinished. One of those jobs was planting three trays of small plants that I’d bought in April. They spent 10 months patiently waiting to be planted. Sitting happy in their seedling trays.

They flowered, they grew some, and miraculously none of them died!

Last week I was finally inspired, and found the time to plant these little beauties.

And what did I find . . .

Each one of the little plants had filled its pot with roots. Unable to extend them into the ground the poor little things had been sprouting away with nowhere to go. Restricted. Stuck. Limited. The plants had reached their full capacity in the environment they were confined to. Naturally they were unable to grow beyond a certain height, and I’m sure the limited amount of nutrients left in the small quantity of soil that surrounded them was also stunting their expansion.

As I teased each one from the tray and gently planted it in an enormous bed of soil I felt really happy and excited for these little plants.

How fast would they grow?

How big would they get?

How much color would they add to the bed?

What creatures would be attracted to their beauty and fragrance?

I pondered on the limitless potential these plants had now they were in the right environment.  And, I began wondering how many of us are like these little plants patiently waiting to be transported to the right environment to flourish? How many of us are stuck in a job or relationship that squashes our ability to realize our full potential?

Unlike my sweet little plants, each of us has the ability to pull ourselves up and out of the pot we’ve chosen, to go out and find a new, bigger, better, healthier, more nourishing environment in which to root ourselves. Somewhere where we can grow, expand, flourish.

So I have a couple of questions for you: How big is your pot?

Is it big enough for the real you?

Are you patiently waiting to be re-planted?

You know the answers. Only you can decide.

Choose the environment where you can flower and show your true colors.


Categories: Conscious Choices, Health & Wellness, Inspiration & Motivation

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4 Comments on “How Big Is Your Pot?”

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