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Conscious Living TVWhen you’re done reading our books, why not check out the great content on Conscious Living TV? Founded by award winning journalists, Bianca and Michael Alexander, who have created a series of great programs covering yoga, raw food, eco-fashion, sustainable living, fair trade, holistic healing, and a whole lot more! Now in its sixth season, Conscious Living TV, seems to be successfully bringingĀ  good products that are good for the planet to the public.






Story of Cosmetics, Annie LeonardWe just can’t get enough of Annie Leonard, creator of the Story of Stuff. Annie’s powerful animated films highlight concerns about the way we consume goods, the environmental and social impact of our economic systems and the lack of effective legislation to protect us from corporate profiteering and experimentation with products that haven’t received sufficient testing. Recently we fell in love with the Story of Cosmetics, take a peek here; discover what’s lurking in your bathroom!





Global Oneness DayThe Global Oneness Summit, hosted by the Shift Network, features leading figures in the worlds of healing, music, film and consciousness, including: Sharon Stone, Neal Donald Walsch, Don Miguel Ruiz, Lynne McTaggart and many more. This virtual summit, held annually on the 24th October, enables people from around the world to connect deeply with the global community and celebrate the oneness of life.


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